Irina Nazarova

Rental Inspection Consultant
07 3180 3314

Property Inspection Consultant Irina Nazarova is a key member of the property management team; conducting open for inspections, private property viewings, and routine inspections, as well as providing administrative support.

Aware of Denovans stellar reputation in the community, alongside their success and longevity in the Brisbane market across all economic conditions; Irina was attracted to their business model, and the fact they are a boutique family owned and operated business with an outstanding focus on customer service.

Irina is a highly organised and motivated individual who enjoys meeting new people as well as working as part of a team. She is a skilled problem solver, and relishes any challenge presented to her. Prior to commencing her career in real estate, Irina had a strong background in the legal industry, equipping her with excellent negotiation, administration, and management skills moving across to property management was seamless.

In her role as a Property Inspection Consultant, Irina meets people from all walks of life, and views properties across the spectrum from one-bedroom apartments through to multi-million dollar residences; she adopts the same professional approach to all, and is positive and respectful at all times - empathetic to people's individual circumstances, whilst still mindful of the desired outcome.

'The working environment at Denovans is supportive, motivating, and inspiring. The entire team across sales and property management work tirelessly to secure the very best results for their clients without exception. They operate ethically and have deservedly positioned themselves as one of Brisbane's leading agencies. I am proud to be part of the team.'

When not working Irina enjoys spending time with her husband and children.